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Admiralty Leisure

Admiralty Leisure Chart Folios have grown rapidly in terms of coverage and popularity. Designed by yachtsmen Admiralty Leisure Chart Folios contain A2 sized charts, just the right size for a chart table. Each chart within the folio is printed on heavyweight chart paper and is packaged in a plastic wallet. Each folio chart is compiled using the same exacting standards and highly reliable data as that used to produce standard Admiralty nautical charts.

On average an Admiralty Leisure Chart Folio will contain 17 charts, with so many charts in each set the Folios represent the most cost effective solution for leisure navigation. 

Coastal areas, slipways and racing markers are all clearly marked, in addition to harbours marinas and pubs making them ideal for the leisure cruiser. Each folio contains information on tides, radio services and symbols and abbreviations on the reverse of specific charts. Each folio also includes a copy of the IMO Table of Life Saving Signals.

All Folios are kept up to date via Admiralty's Online Notices to Mariners service. This has been designed to make updating an effortless task with all relevant notices being made available on a weekly basis, ensuring that you have the best information available to help you navigate safely and effectively.

Leisure Chart Folio users range from leisure yachtsmen, dinghy and motorboat cruisers to professional mariners and ocean racing skippers. As well as knowing that they are using the premier product of its kind, they take assurance in the fact that Admiralty Leisure Chart Folios are produced by the same people that have been providing first class nautical charts and publications to the Royal Navy and commercial mariners for worldwide for over 2 centuries.

Leisure Folios are available for many yachting hotspots with new titles introduced on a continual basis.


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