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Life Jackets

Lifejackets are considered an essential part of safety equipment when on a boat.

It never ceases to amaze us that our customers first question about life jackets is not "How good are your life jackets, will they save my life?" but "What's your cheapest life jacket?" This may be because they have a misinformed trust that all lifejackets will work. Unfortunately this is not the case, some work far better than others and if not properly maintained many will fail when the time comes to use them!

Most modern life jackets are gas fired, either inflated manually or automatically should you end up in the water. The benefits of an automatic lifejacket is that it will automatically inflate when the firing head becomes immersed in water. Manual life jackets can be more useful for people who are more likely to get wet, for example kayakers, anglers and extreme powerboaters

We have a comprehensive range of manual or automatic life jackets with and without a harness. A lifejacket with a harness is more suited to yachtsmen, whilst a jacket without a harness is more suited to motorboats.

After over 25 years of experience we are pleased to be able to pass on our knowledge and recommend both the very best life jackets money can buy as well as life jackets which provide excellent value for money

We also have full lifejacket servicing and re-arming in store as well as a comprehensive range of life jacket spares and accessories.


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