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Aqua Sol

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Advanced Scientific Solution for Complete Water Purification Eliminates Tastes and Odours

  • Destroys pathogenic bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, biofilm, fungi and cysts
  • Eliminates by oxidizing all tastes and odours caused by bacteria, metals, plastics and phenol leached into the water
  • Non-corrosive, will not harm water system components

Removes bacteria, taste and odours

Disease causing bacteria slimes, plastics producing odorous phenols and other materials within a water system, can create foul tastes and odours

Aqua Sol is an advanced dual-purpose water purifying solution which kills all harmful organisms and eradicates foul tastes and odours, keeping stored water fresh and pure

Simply add Aqua Sol each time the tank or container is filled


250ml bottle will purify 625 litres, add one capful to every 25 litres of water when filling tank