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Dubarry Ultima Extra Fit Deck Boot

Supplier Dubarry

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With over 75 years experience Dubarry have become one of the world's most recognized and respected manufacturers of sailing and lifestyle footwear. The Dubarry Ultima ExtraFit Ultima Deck Boot is their flagship sailing boot.

Dubarry Performance Leathers

It is hard to know where to start with the Dubarry ExtraFit Ultima Deck Boot, designed to be highly water resistant as the water resistance is tanned into the leather instead of being a surface treatment which maintains the natural breathability of the soft leather. As a result of this process the boot absorbs less water in wet conditions which help it to stay lighter in difficult conditions.

Dry Fast-Dry Soft

The Dry Fast-Dry Soft treatment means that the boots can take less than 70% of the time to dry than normal leather, which helps to retain the soft supple feel of the boot, as a result of this the Ultima boot is easy to care for and maintain

NonSlip-NonMarking Sole

Dubarry Ultima Sole channelsDubarry NonSlip-NonMarking outsole is an award-winning patented technology. An intricate series of interconnecting channels allow water to be dispersed away from the point of impact in several different directions simultaneously, thereby preventing aquaplaning or slippage, which makes the Dubarry outsole unique. Traditional razor-cut soles or other designs that trap pockets of water can not possibly offer the same level of grip as this patented design. The Duo compound PU Rubber sole is directly inject moulded onto the upper.


GORE–TEX®  is the ultimate waterproof membrane for Performance Footwear. It is the most durably waterproof and highly breathable bi–component material available. In addition to its waterproof and breathable characteristics, perspiration is also wicked away from the foot ensuring a dry and comfortable environment, even in the most extreme conditions. Dubarry boots are GORE-TEX lined helping to keep your feet warmer, dryer and more comfortable.


The Ultima ExtraFit Boot features an expandable lycra top section with ExtraFit for your calf muscle, ExtraFit for your foot entry into the boot and ExtraFit for the fore part of your foot. This all combines for a more comfortable fit for larger calf muscles or wide feet.


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