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Marine Diesel Basics

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Marine Diesel Basics

The first visual guides to marine diesel systems

Clear and simple see how things work, how to select, install, maintain & troubleshoot

Most "engine" trouble can be avoided by using quality components, installing them correctly and servicing them regularly (and avoiding collisions!).

My aim with Marine Diesel Basics is to help all boaters become familiar and confident with their diesel system - from the fuel deck fill & engine to the shaft & propeller:•help boatowners with all aspects of maintenance, lay-up and recommissioning•help boatbuyers make pre-purchase assessments which could save piles of money, time and heart-ache•help all boaters "learn the boat" with step-by-step explanations and clear drawings of how things work and best practices•provide step-by-step troubleshooting and basic repairs

•boost confidence and comfort with marine machinery

•improve mechanical skills using the right tools and techniques

Seeing is understanding! With more than 300 illustrations, the first book in the series explains:

1) all basic maintenance tasks of the marine diesel system - fuel, lubrication, cooling, breathing, electrical, and drive train (coupling, shaft, shaft seal, propeller)

2) all the tasks to winterize the complete system and to prepare for tropical storage (high heat and humidity)3) all the tasks to recommission (“summerize”) the system to ensure reliable and trouble-free service

•step-by-step instructions in clear, simple drawings

•explains all parts of the system•lists all necessary tools and supplies to get each task done•covers sailboats, motorboats and narrowboats

•indirect and direct cooled diesel engines

•saildrives – maintenance, lay-up, recommissioning


"Very useful, practical and to the point, a must on every boat."

"This book should be required reading for anyone responsible for the maintenance of their own boat...I recommend it to any boat owner but especially a sail boat owner who does their own maintenance."

"Excellent, clear, concise and easy to follow. Highly recommended"

"Dennison Berwick challenges boat owners to stop being so intimidated by their diesel engines and to realize that basic maintenance is actually easy...but you have to do it.

He's right of course and this message was written with me in mind; a non-marine professional recreational yacht owner.

His pictures were instructive and his positive attitude was inspiring... It is thoughtfully well written and the illustrations make this topic accessible. I recommend it highly."