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Navigator 8420 Monocular and Rangefinder

Supplier Seago

Price: £45.79 (£54.95 inc. VAT)

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Navigator 8420 Monocular

While GPS units are today essential equipment for the fully equipped yachtsman, there are still times when you need accurate ranges and bearings to derive a precise location or distance to a closing object. Seago's Navigator 8420 Monocular is exactly the instrument to have on the boat or in the cockpit to address this need. More stable and versatile than a standard set of binoculars, the Navigator combines a 8x42 monocular, an accurate compass, and a range finder all within one watertight, handheld device. You never have to take your eyes off of your target because the information is superimposed on the scope's field of view. Just locate a target through the cross hair, point and shoot! The compass is internally gimbaled through ±15° for a phenomenal  0.5° accuracy in all conditions. The range finder uses known heights and relative size to allow you to calculate the range of an object. A backlit display allows the user to read the compass under darkened conditions.