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Pilot 12v Gas Monitoring System

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Pilot 12v Gas Monitoring System

Pilot gas alarms are powered directly by a 12V battery. They sense and give an alarm for LPG, butane and propane. The units are not calibrated for diesel fumes and petrol vapour but these will be detected at higher concentrations. They are important and effective safety equipment and are complimented by the solenoid gas  shut-off controller. All units are 12V as standard and are available for 24V to special order.


Two Sensors and Solenoid Valve
This unit is connected to two sensors and will automatically release the gas-shut off solenoid valve if gas is detected. It can also be used as a remote switch for the solenoid valve and can be wired to other dual gas alarms and sensors. This unit draws 172 milliamps on standby 484 milliamps with the valve open and 210 milliamps in alarm mode.

Dimensions: 35mm x 65mm x 120mm